About Me

I am professional in the Game, Film and Art industry. Graduated from the Animation Workshop with a Bachelor in CG art (www.animwork.dk). Right now i am working as a UI and 3D artist at Crytek Germany (www.crytek.com).

I have a immense interest in games and art, and this blog serves as a place, where i can share my ideas and thoughts about those subjects, as well as show off and talk about personal work and projects. I myself love every part of making games, from design and game mechanics, to art, code and well, everything. I consider myself a jack of all trades sort of person, as i like to work in all possible aspects of game creation (except sound design and music, that stuff is tough!).

Posts on this blog are likely to be about anything ranging from concept art, coding, thinking about game mechanics, building games, talking about other games, production, UI, assets, animation and everything in-between, so be prepared!