Moving along!

So, still in the past, today we will look at my second "prototype" made in the beginning (see previous post).

Amazed at my own ability and splendor at making something run and play (yay) i immediately decided to make a full 2D side-scroller, complete with lots of levels, cool wacky mechanics, cool art and everything else!

So, why don't you know my name as the guy who created that awesome game you ask? Well, i didn't get very far of course, and reality soon kicked in - making a full game is A LOT of work, but still i learned a whole bunch! And like Jake says (go see Adventure Time you!) :

And, so, even though my goal was a full playable game with tons of stuff, i realized 1/10000 in that maybe i should call it a day and move on to more lucrative projects - which since has been my motto when i get bored with otherwise cool projects. But just like your first paintings, you start out with awesome intentions, but soon find out that your new skills would be of better use in a new picture all together.

The project itself was again build with Flixel, and this time, it had a level, some actual graphics, some animation, a little character dude, and something which could be called mechanics (on a good day maybe).

The game: (requires flash player):
(Controls: arrow keys to move, space to jump, and x to fire dildo's - yeh yeh i know haha)
Edit: I just realized that this blog completely overwrites key inputs given to flash, making it very hard to "play", i will find a fix soon! In the meantime, check out the game on this standalone page:

You will notice that the menu is based on my awesome first prototype, only this time it's more awesome! The game itself is not much, you can't hurt the other dude (who walks aimlessly into the wall), and except looking like a boss firing  dildo's doesn't do anything, and you cant complete the game or the level or anything.. but yeah, its a foundation i guess! Personally i quiet like the "art style", if anything, that was a success! 

I learned a lot about using Flixel specifically on this prototype, complete with character controls, customizing source code (the hat is a hacked in spring thing!) and using tile-maps and so on. Another cool thing however is that Flixel is build in such a way that it forces you to learn about OOP and a without knowing it at the time, it uses some elements of composition over inheritance which is a solid foundation in games especially.

So obviously go check Flixel out if you want to get started with making small games, the forums are a great resource for learning. Another source of information that helped me a lot is - especially when it comes to Starling (more about that in a later post).

In the end, i think my time playing with Flixel is what got me really interested in making games work, and not just doing the "art" for it.

Next up is another "prototype", and then maybe actually talk about some coding, however i am a little unsure what to actually write about, and if it should be generalized or specific stuff, once i know i will post something for sure!