A new start!

Getting down to business!

It's been a while since I did anything on this blog, and in it's old form, it served mostly as a portfolio and CV, I have been wanting to change that for a while, and make the blog a more personal space, where i can talk about games, game development, art, code and basically everything gamedev related.

Most people visiting my blog probably know me in real life through work, school or otherwise, but my hope is that I can reach out to more people, and tell them about life as a industry professional, but also to share and talk about that thing inside of us, that makes us spend long nights doing "what we love". I am by no means a "guru" or a "master", but I have always had a bit of a "jack of all trades" kinda attitude to the industry (film and games alike), since i like doing a lot of different things (all the things) - and in our world of entertainment industry that is the odd ball. People in the industry and at schools will always tell you it's a risky road, and that you have to focus your talent and time, so that you can stay competitive in the scene, by offering a very specific and highly specialized skill set. I will however, also try and talk about why that is not always true, and why having many different skills can help you in other ways, personal and professionally.

Over the course of the next few days, i will be spending time reworking and re-designing the blog to better fit it's new purpose, as well as fill it with tons of content, small-talk, art and games, as well as maybe a tutorial or two!

Hope you are intrigured and want to stay aboard!

Rune Rask