Well, here it is!

Click for Bigger! :P

7 Weeks of project, 2 days to deadline and I am done. It doesn't seem right, and then again, it does.
This whole project have been a tremendous journey and i have been taking huge steps towards becoming better. This image, is one of the most complete and rewarding things i have ever completed, and is so perhaps more so because of the process it was to create it. I must say this is hands down the best I have ever performed in anything, and even though that doesn't say a lot considering that I am, by no means a great artist, i really feel like i have created something worthwhile, at least for myself.

Now, for the shout outs and respects! Mad respect to all the teachers who helped me realize this project, Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart for being a tremendous help and inspiration during the conceptual phase, they really pushed me further! Anna Kubik, for helping realizing the whole transition from 2D to 3D, the one thing that scared me the most, but she made it possible, and last but not least, André Bergs, who really learned me a lot of skills, and expanding my toolset, and ofcourse, thanks for the company during the project, you guys are Grrreat! Lastly i would like to thank my classmates, for setting a high bar for quality and enthusiasm!

Sorry for the wall of text!

Hopefully on Friday, I will post a sum up of the whole process!

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