Driving The Roads

Hello Guys. While I know I told you this blog is school related only, I wanted to take a moment and show you some photographs I took during the summer. I'm getting a new lens any day know, and I really felt like I had to work some photos! These where all taking while in a car out the window, the whole idea was like, how fast can you spot something, compose it, and get OK results. Well, even though a lot of these images a selects out of bursts of maybe 4-5 frames I still think its kinda valid and shows that interesting things can happen if you start shooting and composing at the same time. And also since we just had a week on composition I thought it would be funny to pick some pictures that I always thought where kinda cool, but I didn't know why, obviously there's some things in here that could be better, and so I'm looking forward to start shooting with new knowledge of composition! - Rune Rask

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