Chavant, Modeling and More

Here are some images of last weeks work. Here are some images of last weeks work. So at the end of last week, we got a chance to play a bit with making clay models, in the material called Chavant, it was tons of fun and very rewarding, I will most certainly work with this again as it is a joy! It was the end of our concept week with Julia, I learned a lot and the whole week was just plain fun. This week is intro to maya with Carla, it is a bit "too" basic, but I am quite the nooblet in Maya so I hope we will advance fast. I am also thinking of joining the Hunter Challange, over at if i should choose to go crazy with this, expect progress images posted here. - Rune Rask

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  1. Awesome. :) I really liked your initial concept designs, and especially like how the one you chose to sculpt turned out. Well done.